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The Master of Tenses for the Students and Professionals

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The Master of Tenses


Mohammed Mohsin(M.A in English)

“An easy & innovative way to learn English”

For the Students & Professionals.

The Master of Tenses for the Students and Professionals ( Email Delivery)

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The Key Features Of The Book at a glance that will enable the Students of all Classes ( Bangla/English Version and English Medium) as well as the Professionals to learn English easily, correctly and effectively.

  • Meaning;
  • Origin;
  • Importance;
  • Tense Defined;
  • Classifications;
  • Subdivisions;
  • Present Indefinite/Simple &Its different uses;
  • Present Continuous/Imperfect/Progressive & Its different uses;
  • Present Perfect & Its different uses;
  • Present Perfect Continuous & its uses;
  • Past Indefinite/Simple & its uses;
  • Past Continuous/Progressive;
  • Past Perfect & its uses;
  • Past Perfect Continuous;
  • Future Indefinite;
  • Future Continuous;
  • Future Perfect;
  • Future Perfect Continuous;
  • Special Forms Of Other Tenses;
  • Tense Of Ability;
  • Tense Of Possibility & Unreal Past;
  • Tense Of Discontinued past;
  • Tense Of Conditions  & its Classifications;
  • Tense Of Sequence & its different Rules;
  • Tense Of Obligations;
  • Tense Of Non- Obligations;
  • Tense Of Ellipsis/Elliptical Sentences;
  • Tense Of Should/Ought To;
  • Tense Of Need, Dare& Must;
  • The Six Forms Of Strong & Weak Verbs From A-Z with Rules Of Changing;
  • The Right Form Of Verbs with Rules & Examples &
  • The Syntax.

Pls. give a review after reading the book.

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