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How To Prioritize What’s Important?

How To Prioritize What’s Important?

How to prioritize an action plan and fix up the mind in one’s life is very significant. A person may have tons of work a day, but which one is to be placed on top as a priority basis is the burning question. This action plan needs to be arranged. Then, it would be best if you gave preference. We know a stitch in time saves nine, or time is the best healer. Make an effective action plan and do the work step-by-step.

  1. Make a list of all works that need to be done.
  2. Specify the top one and make sure of your goals and objectives.
  3. Focus on the topmost one.
  4. Prioritize on urgency and emergency.
  5. Avoid competing priorities.
  6. Take effort.
  7. Review again and again and materialize.

To succeed in organizing the action plan and how to perform it flawlessly and adequately is the most important thing. For this reason, you need to look at and into time and its management. The words time & management are interrelated with each other. Management denotes handling something to gain objectives. Management is essentially an act of getting things done through other people’s efforts. But when to do, where to do, how to do is the only motto of Time Management. Management is the Pre-plan & Pre-assumption, Organization, Order and instruction, Coordination, and Control. An English poet calls—” time, you old gypsy man.” You should arrange the most important one at the top to keep balance and consistency between the two.

Description: The sagacious people say—”Time is the best healer,” A stitch in time saves nine,” “Time & tide wait for none.” Clocking in and out is also an essential factor for a successful mission. From this point of view, we should realize that we cannot put off for tomorrow what can be done right now. It will undoubtedly be wise to accomplish the activities at the right and proper time. “Time once lost, is lost forever”time goes on and on. It never looks back. If we look at the wise and successful people of a society, community, or state, we will notice that they never kept off their work for tomorrow, which can do today. So, it would be wise to follow their footprints. That is why you should specify the top one and ensure your goals.

Please focus on the topmost one: Joy and sorrow come by turns in our life. When happiness comes to our life, time passes very fast. So, people say that satisfaction is short-lived. But when sorrow engulfs our energy, time passes very slowly. It is too heavy for us to carry. Sometimes great sadness makes our life motionless. We become very much depressed at that time, and it seems to us that our life is valueless. But over time, we forget everything and start turning over a new leaf. So, we should focus on our topmost works and perform them correctly in our everyday life. The world is going on its way. It does not stand still for anyone. The wave of time helps us forget our significant loss or sorrows. Time acts as the best ointment to forget our sorrows. If it does not do so, our life becomes motionless and unbearable. So, all of us should understand the harsh reality of time and try to avoid the fang of time by doing top-order work.

Prioritize on urgency and emergency: A small rent in a piece of cloth quite easily be mended if it is attended to when it is small. But if the right moment is allowed to pass away by thinking that the rent is insignificant, its mending will call for a good deal of labor. Again, the rent may become bigger and bigger with time and eventually go beyond the scope of repair, with the result that the piece of cloth turns out unfit for use. Such is the case with all evils. All evils can be easily removed by a little timely care and life can be made beautiful. But if they are allowed to take their course, they will get harder and harder to cope with and may even lead to total damage. A wise person always never avoids the urgency and emergency of his action plan.

Avoid competing priorities and take effort:

  1. Never try to compete with each other in the action plan.
  2. Organize them smoothly.
  3. Think again and again.
  4. Apply abstract, conceptual, constructive, creative, critical, directed, functional, non-verbal, reflective, and relational thinking.
  5. Be attentive and interested.
  6. Take a preparation if you get time.
  7. Be a professional.
  8. Maintain the sequence to avoid perplexity. If needs be, make an inter-personal communication.
  9. Reflect well on how to accomplish.
  10. Apply previous experience if you have.

But if you’re an apprentice, take consultancy from an experienced one. This process will help you to prioritize your action. Have an effort too. 

Review again and again, budget your time correctly, prioritize the important things & be successful: Try to review again and again your action plan. Those who have reached the zenith of a cliff properly utilized their time and emphasized the priority basis of their action plan. They had a plan. They budgeted it for their betterment of life. They left bed early in the morning, performed their prayer, had breakfast in time, started their daily chores, returned home in time, never wasted a single moment in idleness, went to bed in due time, and again got up early. Thus, they used to spend their time. In this way, they became successful reached the apex of life. They became role models for others to follow.

Having a master plan of work can help you perform it smoothly like a moving machine. Plan well, do well. If you can’t make an effective plan, you’re likely to spoil your activities. Have tolerance and carry on or out.

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