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How to make a Comprehensive Physical Security Plan for a Community and School?

How to make a Comprehensive Physical Security Plan for a Community and School?

An Action Plan.

The USA, a powerful and dominant country of the world, is now a day beset with internal conflicts and crucial problems like- crimes and shootings. This most powerful and dominating country is now unable to subjugate their inner battles as there’re multiracial people from overseas who have been migrated from and settled here in different states, regions, and communities. But it’s a matter of great regret that the Champaign Community is now facing unstable and crucial internal problems that badly need to be solved.

Champaign, IL, and its Functions: The government office of the city manager monitors and supervise the whole municipal area intensively, to provide the citizens with their civic rights, to make them aware of the civic duties and responsibilities, to record the updated census with school-going children and their parents, to make sure of all civic facilities like health, sanitation, and schooling, to maintain peace and happiness in the territory, and to ensure lawful justice preventing crimes and shooting.

Causes of the unstable situation in Champaign: Many people many minds-goes the wise saying. As there’re different types of people from different corners of the world that are settled, got mixed with the politics, culture, tradition, and customs, and as such, they are influencing the environment. The law being equal to all, the natives sometimes get one-sided, overlooked, and deprived of proper rights and privileges. This trend gradually becomes a crucial problem creating social, familial, and communal murders and injustice that spreads far wide. A glaring example of such suffering is the Champaign Community in Illinois. 

The Situation in Champaign, IL: A city of Illinois is full of domestic violence. Every head of the town becomes concerned about bringing back peace, happiness, discipline by removing anarchy, crimes, and murder. For that, they started working relentlessly. The issue got priority to be solved immediately. Reducing domestic violence became a regular issue and headache of all. So, a Summit was arranged, and that was sponsored by the Champaign County Community Coalition (CCCC) and the local service provider. Regular counseling meeting and regular follow-up Study is required for the progress and promotion of peace. All the stakeholders from the whole of the region were the participants. They held meetings and seminars to discuss the issue, fish out the proper solution, and how to overcome and develop the city. Another issue was the empowerment of women who were almost deprived of their rights and privileges, and they were not held in due respect. It was essentially born to focus on the situations there. Some of the feminists who spoke on the issue worked on how to get the solutions. As the condition worsened due to misunderstanding, malpractice, maltreatment, malicious behavior, malignance and hatred, and homicide geared up, that was almost a daily issue, the situation made everyone almost lunatic. So, committing crimes, suicide, shooting, etc., became a standard affair there. Whatever the problem is, it’s high time to address it to reduce domestic violence.  

Before handling the situation of crimes, shootings, and terrorism in Champaign, we should take some pragmatic plans at hand and tackle the problem as per the master plan. The law enforcement agencies, especially the police or FBI, must play an active role to mitigate or bring the crimes and shooting under absolute control. A good action plan may play an influential role in this regard.

Planning an action plan is the first and most significant work to diminish the crimes there. It’s the foundation of all other initiatives. In the light of a good plan, we can manage the situation. This can be applied from top to bottom. We have to decide what to do, when to do it, where to do it, why to do it, by whom to do it, and to decide is the motto of an action plan. For this, we’d like to take some steps.

Some Effective Measures, Recommendations, Objectives & Goals, Action Proposed, Responsibilities and the Outcomes.

Actually, all sorts of acts of crimes (social, familial, or communal), homicides, suicides, shootings, and terrorism call for a befitting response. Whatever may be the case, some precautionary measures should be taken in the context of relations, recommendations are to be annexed, determine our objectives and goals in keeping consistency with the cases, some actions need to be proposed, those who are in charge, can’t avoid their duties and responsibilities and finally, we can do hope to get the proper outcomes and be relieved of the situation.

Step-1: Mutual Tolerance: We have to have tolerance among us. We should respect and be respected. We must identify the reasons for domestic violence, when it usually occurs, or its probable causes. It must be addressed in the community forum. Deploy police or increase their patrolling. Check the suspected persons with modern instruments. Counsel them. Emotions should not be overshadowed by reason. Utmost caution should be exercised while taking action against the alleged masterminds, perpetrators, and their protectors.

Step-2: Who and why causes? The Action Plan should be related to cognitive thinking. Let’s start working in the light of the plan. Proper counseling is a must. For this, weekly meetings can be held to discuss the issues shared and care for the feelings of the mind. The police need to be informed of and deployed with high patrolling when the situation goes beyond. 

 Step-3: Guarding Institutes: Educational institutes, Churches, High rise commercial buildings, Parks, and Stadiums where public gathering takes place, and the terrorists very often target, should be kept in watchful guards to avoid unexpected circumstances. Insufficiency and inefficiency of policing may spoil the action plan to a great extent. The program should always target the near future. It may be taken farseeing too. We must determine the project, how to do it, and cope with the unexpected situation. Some pragmatic policies should be taken at hand. It should work on a future plan, either. There should be no doubt about the guilt of those being targeted. In other words, all actions should have invariably relied on concrete, convincing, and conclusive evidence.

Step-4: Our Motto for saving a life:  Aims and objectives should be controlling the degradation of law. Let’s gather experience from the previous accidents that snatched away some innocent lives of our school-going kids and caused grievous injuries to some others. Hence, we should be aware of the terrorists. They must be prosecuted with moral laws so that the other terrorists get lessons and never dare do such devilish activities over time. It’s desirable to avoid revenge from tit for tat because an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.

Step-5: Finding Alternative Ways: We may look for more than one alternative way and means to control the degradation of law. We’ve to prioritize the topmost challenges and then go ahead with our work plan. Our Action Plan should be monitored intensively by the superiors or heads. We’ve to keep in mind the measures aimed at punishing the guilty should not hurt any innocent person.

Step-6: Increasing Patrolling: Patrolling police, punitive police, or deployment of them can be ensured at the educational institutes where the terrorists aim to kill our kids to spread panic. Disciplinary actions against any person for sponsoring terrorism, murder, homicide, daring to commit any crime, or harboring terrorists should be backed by public opinion and endorsed by the community and the existing laws. The fight against terrorism should not adversely affect the interfaith, harmony, and peaceful co-existence of people practicing different faiths.

Step-7: Intensive Supervision: Supervision of police must increase. To ensure security, there is no alternative to bit-policing. Permanent camps can be set up for them. Important places must be marked and guarded. The security forces must remain watchful. For added safety, CC TVs can be set to monitor at a stretch, keep records and detect the movement of the suspected criminals.

Step-8: Forming Committee: A close unity of purpose among peace-loving people as well as concerted actions on their part would facilitate the task of deterring, punishing, and wiping out crimes from the society, family as well as community. Such a unity can be formed based on local government and resolutions on the prevention of crimes. The duty can be performed by shifts.

Finally, to say the least, crime is a social, political, or communal malady, a menace, an evil, and a decision against humanity. It has no place whatever in any religion. Nor does it has any place in any civilized community or country. Hence, in any manifestation, wherever and by whomsoever it’s committed, can never be condoned. Criminal severe assault on humankind must not go unpunished.

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