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World of Warcraft TBC Classic: Karazhan’s Shadow o

  • World of Warcraft TBC Classic: Karazhan’s Shadow o
Type : Sell
Date : June 18, 2021
Condition : New
Warranty : No
Location : hefei

Today I’m going to talk about the shadow of Elan, the boss of Karazhan in T4 difficulty raid in the TBC nostalgic server. This BOSS has a very interesting setting-his attack target is completely random, there is no so-called hatred list at all, but when the health of a member of the team is extremely low, he will have a high probability of this life The dying player launched a fatal blow.

Shadow of Elan’s skills are divided into two types: normal skills and special skills. They don’t take damage, knockback and warlock’s language curse. Normal skills can be interrupted in any way, but special skills don’t take any control.

Here focuses on his special skills and coping styles:


1700 damage per second, the range of action occupies almost half of the field, and will slowly move around 360 degrees around the field, a bit similar to the red light of C’Thun. In the first two seconds of the effect of the blizzard, a single ice cone will fall. To remind you of its starting point, a faint blue fog was added to the front part of the snowstorm after 2.10, so it is not difficult to hide, and the reflection must be rapid.

Teleport + slow down + super arcane explosion

Teleport everyone to the center of the room, and at the same time cast a group slowdown, and begin to chant a super arcane explosion. After 10 seconds, it will cause 9000-11000 arcane damage to all players within 30 yards (note that the room radius is only 35 yards), the only solution The solution is to move against the wall within 10 seconds. If you react fast enough and start running to the edge after being teleported, then even if the deceleration effect is not lifted, it is still too late.

This is a very easy skill to deal with.Try not to waste your refrigerator, invincibility and other emergency measures here.The only possible problem is that you are bound by frost, so the treatment should pay attention to the priority to disperse the effect.

Flame garland

Cast in 5 seconds, randomly acting on three players. If there is no other person near the player, no effect will be produced. If someone is near him (5 to 8 yards), a circle of fire will be generated on the ground for 15 seconds. , Any attempt to pass through it (enter or run out) will cause an explosion, causing 3-4 thousand fire damage to everyone in the audience.

Therefore, when Elan is casting this skill, everyone should stand still immediately, and a movement will cause the group to be destroyed.

Summon Water Elemental

When Elan’s health drops to 40%, he will summon 4 elite water elements, each with a blood volume of about 10,000, which will automatically disappear after 90 seconds. Their main skill is about 1,500 ice bolts per shot. Casting speed is affected by the curse of language, and eating control can be exiled and feared.

The group becomes sheep + shock wave

When Elan’s mana drops to 20% (about 30,000 left), he will make a weird expression, and then all members will become sheep (the player will restore 325 health points per second after being turned into sheep) and do it on the spot Water to drink… After 10 seconds, the shock wave will be cast, causing 7000-7500 fire damage to everyone. If he is interrupted by DOT or other means during the drinking process, he will still use the shock wave.

It can be said that in addition to the flame wreath, the blizzard and the super arcane explosion will not have much threat to the team, at most it is bad luck that some combo skills die. Another thing to note is that Ellan has 15 minutes of hard violent time, and when the time is up, he will summon the shadow to kill the entire raid.

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