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Where Will the Next Hot Period of Online Movies Be

  • Where Will the Next Hot Period of Online Movies Be
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Date : May 13, 2021
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Location : beijing

This year, the most mentioned key word in the online film industry is “schedule”. From the successful closing of the first online Spring Festival file to the dazzling performance of the Qingming file “Xing’anling Hunter Legend”, online movies are not only related to theaters Films have formed a synergistic and complementary effect to continuously enrich the supply of audio-visual content. At the same time, online movies are constantly seeking changes and gradually improving the concept of schedule. In my opinion, there are two important reasons why online movies need to form a mature concept of schedule.

The first is the impact of schedules on the box office of movies. Starting from the concept of the initial birth of cinema movies, schedules have been one of the important factors affecting the success or failure of movie box offices, and are increasingly valued by filmmakers and marketers, and even regarded as an important sign of the level of film marketization.

According to the data released by Maoyan, since 2017, the box office of the four major theaters has been increasing in the box office of the whole year, of which it has reached 57% in 2020; at the same time, as one of the largest periods of the year, the Spring Festival stalls accounted for the proportion of Q1 box office It is also increasing, from 24% in 2017 to 43% in 2020. Obviously, as a part of movie distribution and marketing, schedules have an increasingly important impact on the overall box office trend of theater-line movies, and this is also an important reason why online movies need to match theater-line movies to gradually form a stable schedule.

On the other hand, the concept of schedule is also due to the inherent requirements for the development of online movies to a certain stage. After experiencing savage growth, industry reshuffle, quality improvement and volume reduction, online movies also ushered in huge development opportunities last year. In the context of the 2020 epidemic, cinema movies have been absent for a long time, and the audience’s viewing habits have been gradually changed. More and more users tend to watch movies online. In this case, the box office volume and the number of explosives of online movies Both have been significantly improved. In 2020, the number of tens of millions of box office movies reached nearly 80, which is a multiple-level increase compared with previous years. However, behind the rapid development, a realistic problem has also been raised for the next stage of online movies: without the epidemic dividend, where will the next increase in online movies be?

Facts have proved that with the gradual return of public life to normal and the film industry ushering in a full recovery, online movies have indeed encountered some challenges. Since the beginning of this year, the movie market has ushered in a large-scale “retaliatory consumption”. Theatrical movies have fought back. Many new films in the Spring Festival and Qingming Festival set new box office records, and the box office volume has not decreased but increased compared with the same period in previous years.

On the other hand, online movies, although there are also headshots such as “The Legend of Xing’anling Hunter”, from the overall performance of online movies in Q1, the number of tens of millions of box office works and the total box office volume are all compared with the same period last year. There has been a certain degree of decline. Among them, the number of Q10 million box office works this year is 13 which is a 43% decrease compared with the same period last year.

In this situation, it can be said that online movies actively seek changes and explore the concept of schedule. On the basis of borrowing experience from theater movies, this year’s online movies have formed a relatively complete distribution and marketing system for Spring Festival files and Qingming files. For example, the film party and platform will pre-heat the film promotion 3 months in advance. Multi-channel marketing combined with film audiences before and during the screening, helps the film gain higher exposure, and further boosts the growth of online movie box office.

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