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The first god disciple is obviously best to take o

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  • The first god disciple is obviously best to take o
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Date : March 17, 2021
Location : dfg

Zammorak item is found at the zammorak chapel by ardougne go inside and use the hammer using all the alter you’ll find a warhammer (destruction power) ( you simply need to get 2 of those pieces they depend on the god you choose to side on. Return to the lost land of guth… talk to the archeoligist inquire how to return to the last showdown area. He states he will need 50 noted swordies, 75 noted lobbies, 20 noted de pots, and 10 ranarr weeds.

Give him that the suppies he says”OK I have centered on the region just talk to me when you’re ready”. At this time head to the lender get all the armor food and de pots you will need to kill two lvl 300’s nearly in a row, also use the 2 objects u obtained from the places (the 2 gods u didnt chose) and use it together with the idol of the god that you did select, it will turn in the weapon mentioned above. It will be powerful and the only weapon which can impact the god Disciples therefore dont bother to bring any other weapons.

When you’re ready talk to this Guthix Archeoligist and he’ll teleport you to the website. When you get that you will be in front of the god you have chosen, talk to him and you will notice that a split-screen….OF YOU 200 decades AGO GETTING A CAPE FROM THAT GOD AND FIGHTING MANY OPPONENTS… After the split-screen is over you will observe a cape in your back with the sign of the god you’ve picked. That is fight #1

The first god disciple is obviously best to take out. If you chose guthix you will be saradomin, same if you chosen zammy. In the event you picked sara you’ll struggle zammy first. They could vary, melee, mage so protect when you see whats comin for you… they give you enough time to kno what’s coming. (they maximum strike about 25 without protection so they arent really too hard) for melee they pull back their weapon this is your chance to protect from melee, for range the hold the weapon with both hands thats your opportunity to protect, for mage they increase their weapon up that’s your chance to protect.
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