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Runescape was known for its quests


  • Runescape was known for its quests
Price : $20.00
Date : October 26, 2021
Location : USA

Lack of quests annoys me. In truth, I’m unable to name more than 3 quests released in 2013 (there could have been more, not certain). It seems to me that there’s an overall lack of updates RS Gold. While the development team of RS3 seems to be at minimum ten times bigger than that of Old School Runescape they seem to produce a similar amount content, even without treasure hunter items. Although RS3 content might be more extensive and harder to create, I find it somewhat disappointing. Just think of the things they did in nine months in 2004.

Runescape 2 is out. Morytania released (up to Port Phasmatys and Mort’ton I believe). Tiranwwn released (elf lands). Kharidian desert greatly increased. Relekka Etceteria, Miscellania, and Lighthouse are now available (along with everything north of the bridge to the council). Runecrafting skill. Burthorpe New Troll zones. There are numerous quests that go along with these.

Then slayer was released in 2005 of the next year. The game was developed with a smaller development team than today’s. Although I understand it’s more difficult to make updates today that include textures, and all of that, I think more quests or updates would certainly be appreciated.

It’s possible that I’m incorrect, however Jagex seems to invest more time and effort in Treasure Hunter/Solomon update than regular game updates Buy RS 2007 Fire Cape. Many of the things that have been released could have been integrated into a quest or skill enhancement. Particularly, portable forges and ranges.

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