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RuneScape – I have always loved the character of Iorwerth


  • RuneScape – I have always loved the character of Iorwerth
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Date : October 18, 2021
Location : sfdsg

It’s a gorgeous city. I was of the opinion that old school rs gold its fame was exaggerated, but I understand why people love it. I have always preferred dark places/cities such as Edgeville, Draynor and The Wilderness to my liking and it’s not uncommon for me to not enjoy a city that is so sane and happy looking.

Everyone knows that the clan system is the single most significant element of Prifddinas or Elven society. There are 8 distinct clans with their own zones within the city. Which clan(s) and why, do you guys prefer? We’ll also be discussing clan leaders, since you may enjoy a leader but not have a particular interest in.

I have always loved the character of Iorwerth. I believe this is due to the fact that before the final quests in the Elven quest line The Dark Lord was always considered to be Zamorak. I do not have proof however I believe certain NPCs had mentioned the Iorwerth at one point as Zamorakians who rebelled against crystal goddess-led Elven society. I have always sympathized and supported Lord Iorwerth’s elves.

Now after the end of the civil war,, the clan has a new leadership and they’re striving to be accepted back into the elven society following the troubles they caused, wan’t to be considered useful and prove their worth. It’s impossible to not be in love with them, particularly since they’re a bellicose clan that suits me well. Their clan crest is pretty badass.

Clan Cadarn (the second major civil war clan) is also one of my top choices. They’re also bellicose and a complete opposite of Iorwerth. They’re more interested in the art of stealth and magic, not brutal power as the Iorwerth. The clan is focused on my two favorite skills, which is always a bonus however I’m not an avid fan of buy OSRS gold the crest, however.

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