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Rsgoldfast it could be cool of there was mini game


  • Rsgoldfast it could be cool of there was mini game
Price : $1.00
Date : April 27, 2021
Location : Rsgoldfast

I’ve been thinking. . .How about assembly Zamorak or Saradomin?This is a fresh quest I believed up.You goes to RuneScape gold Sedridor from the Wizard’s Tower and talk to him.He will inform you they managed to earn a time portal that could teleport you back into time.They said they wanted someone to test it out so they ask you to go in.You goes from the portal and you would be hauled to a strange location.

You would be in the middle of a significant battlefield and you will find blood and bones everywhere.They transported you to the God Wars!To the right you can see Saradomin’s Camp.To the left,Zamorak’s Camp.Make the best way into the camp of the God you genuinely enjoy and if you arrive,you will be greeted by guards and then you will ask to talk with their commander.They will require you to the God you chose and then you get to fulfill the Gods themselves!

You state you’re from the future which you went through some time portal.The God would then request that you take part in a fantastic battle that would finish the God Wars forever!You would subsequently look away from the camp gates using a strong and well-armed army enclosing you.Then that the God would say some heroic words such as something in a movie and you and the military and the God would charge in the other army that’s also charging !

You would have to kill every Zamorakian or Saradominist you see with the military helping you out.Then then,you would have to satisfy the opposing God and then Saradomin and Zamorak would bring up along with their swords and charge at every other.Just since they were about to battle,a bright display looks and then you would be standing beside Sedridor again.After you had discussed the things you saw,some things associated with this God you served would look from nowhere.You get to keep the items as a reward.

I think it could be cool of there was a mini game where you can combat the runscape gods in a battle that can cause you to be rich, or ruin you. Basically you’d be in a arena and you opt for a god to resist and if you win you get some type of fantastic reward. But if you lose, you lose all you things that you brought with you along with your xp in 3 arbitrary skills will be reduced to old school runescape buy gold perhaps about 50k under the xp you started wit, depending on your level.

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