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Players Have Found A Shortcut to Take the Content of Aion Classic to A Whole New Level

  • Players Have Found A Shortcut to Take the Content of Aion Classic to A Whole New Level
Date : June 29, 2021
Location : hefei

Aion Online has a long history of loyal fan base and relative success. Perhaps because of this, the developers tried to use the nostalgia of Aion Classic for their benefit.

The Aion follows the old-school style of the Trinity in its Pvp, and the courses are against each other. The game’s excellent tag target system and balanced open world, PvP final game content has proven to be able to withstand the test of time.

One disadvantage of bringing back old games is that players will also get older. Many people pointed out that they probably didn’t have time to hone the Aion, no matter how well it was implemented, and would like to see some changes made to reduce the time required to upgrade characters to access the endgame content.

It seems that players have found a shortcut to take the content of the game to a whole new level, destroying the irreparable in-game economy in just three days.

One of Aion Online’s attempts to combat in-game inflation is to set a hard cap on the amount of money earned in Aion Classic through any available means related to game features, the cap being 1 million Aion Classic Gold per day.

However, players are using real-world currencies to buy “candies” and then sell them at market value, allowing other players to subsequently resell them at market value, thereby bypassing the hard cap of earning Cheap Aion Classic Kinah, and therefore, leading to so much currency Swelling and over-saturation of the market, so much so that the number of players leaving the game only three days after launch is obvious.

What this incident did is that it effectively cost Aion Classic the price of victory, which is the main complaint of players when asked why they stopped playing the game. For game developers, Aion Classic should be the goose that lays the golden egg, imitating the success of the game when it is released, but the excessive enthusiasm of the fans or their selfishness makes this dream still just a dream.

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