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It would be really tough to apply the spoilers rul


  • It would be really tough to apply the spoilers rul
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Date : April 5, 2021
Location : lio

Additionally it would be nice to have discretionary flair for months or hours played. A whole lot of new players came on over the holidays and it was occasionally hard to find out how to pitch answers when I could not tell if somebody was playing the sport for weeks or a few days.

It is also kind of annoying that dreams are relegated to the sticky thread, so there are continuous boring/similar picture posts (villager photographs or golden tools are trendy achievements, but seeing them happen to someone else to the 100th time could be a snooze) and more involved/creative jobs like island-wide quests are hidden in a thread that has little interaction.

I’d love to see flair for photoshopped screenshots. Not if they are a clear meme/juxtaposition such as Bernie sitting in your plaza, but if you photoshop on wings to your ensemble, put an impossible item on a desk, or change the colour of a non-customizable thing it ought to be flagged so individuals will not be disappointed if they can not replicate it in-game.

I really don’t think spoiler tags need to be divisive. At this time it will become an issue because there are no clear rules about what is expected and acceptable from the sub.

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