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Impa is a pretty close second though


  • Impa is a pretty close second though
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Date : May 14, 2021
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I’ve a feeling that we are going to get BOTW Zelda, and while I really do think that could be cool I would be disappointed if Zelda’s just meaningful representation because freaking MELEE would be yet another Zelda.

I knew someone was gonna say this, but essentially in my head she’s different enough from Zelda to where I’d be fine with it. Hell she is not even very”Zelda” until the final third of the game, and even in the end she goes back to her pirate origins. She feels different from Zelda is essentially what I’m getting at. Personality wise, layout wise, everything is much more Tetra compared to Zelda.

Impa is a pretty close second though, I gotta say. Zelda is radically underrepresented, and that might be partly due to a scarcity of recurring characters which are not one of those big three, but between Skull Kid, Impa, and Midna, there is definitely room for another new character in the collection.

I doubt it is the case, but I’d be legit mad if this turned out to be the rationale. Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy swap out of their whole cast of figures every game (with only the occasional direct sequel), however they’re still allowed multiple repetitions in the exact same game. Zelda has sooooo several one-game-only characters which would still fit great into Smash, just look at the roster of both Hyrule Warriors games.

The”hard r” is not even near the worst shit people used to say. Honestly the fact people find that word offensive now is amusing to me because of how completely tame it seems to me relative to this old things.
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