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I’m biased as fk in regards to RuneScape


  • I’m biased as fk in regards to RuneScape
Price : $1.00
Date : March 1, 2021
Location : dfghf

The Mother was recently updated though. I will check today employing the Dominion Tower. At the mean time I would suggest dwelling teleporting out and OSRS gold then striving again (you won’t have to kill the sentinels again I believe). So I only did it on the Dominion Tower. Seemed ordinary to me. I struck with the axe. I stepped back, fired water spells (I would suggest stepping back so you can only focus on projectile attacks) Yada yada. I did notice she had a high defense, but I was also only using a team of light. The Balmung took a few strikes to strike her. So I would just re-enter the battle region and try again.

I just want everyone’s opinion about something. For quite some time, I’ve been saving up towards a goal of 24 bonds to the Premier Membership that’ll come out near Christmas- in order 8 and a half an hour. I’ve 15 bonds at the moment, as well as around 12m worth of unmade Yak pouches. Bonds, however, are skyrocketing. Last I checked now, they had been 7.5M apiece. This usually means buying the ~7 I’ve left will cost around 53M.

If I were to await a week or two, bonds would probably rise and go over 8m each. I could even see them going for mid 9s near Xmas. That would imply I have hoarded up what potentially worth over 100M in bonds. So I was wondering if I need to keep working in my goal of Premier Membership, or whether I should sell my bonds and purchase an Ascension Crossbow, an item I’ve always wanted. Plus, while bonds will be rising, I hear the crossbow will be dropping in price, and may actually hit the low 100s of mils.

What do you guys think? I’m biased as fk in regards to material this due to the type of RuneScape player I am. I didn’t bother buying the highest membership this year because I felt it was pointless, it’s nice to get the additional everyday Treasure Hunter key sure but it’s nothing fantastic + everything else is just meh. If they made it so that you could pick the color of your star then perhaps, but they didn’t and I don’t especially like blue stars. Plus I’d no intention of using the special worlds the members with highest membership get, I only really use W71 and W33.

Barrows equipment is good, but if you die, the things degrade to 0, and fixing becomes expensive. I’d suggest looking into Dragonrider equipment; it is hybrid (meaning you can use it while training all 3 combat styles) and cheap RS gold the entire set offers a prayer bonus of +46 roughly.

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