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I dont even know what to do in runescape

$1.00 (Fixed)

  • I dont even know what to do in runescape
Price : $1.00 (Fixed)
Date : December 23, 2020
Location : sfdsg

Hi, Yes that is another one of thoughs stupid”which skill cape if I get” things. And RuneScape gold I cant garentee that I wont quit following couple days. And FAIL is on there alot, lol by FAIL that I meen I dont instruct it alot. Following this I will likely level up all of the FAIL ones alittle. I was wondering what one would be a good choice for me? I dont need to invest ANYTHING when possible. And I need it for a quicker one. Yes I am picky to. I am currently performing woodcutting becuase is nearer to 99 than anything else except for my battle stuff. Thanks, and make me feal too bad.

I dont even know what to do in runescape in the moment I am bored and want to know what you guys think I need to do. I just set the skills which I would love to gain and to let you know what my stats are so you can know what directors I could kill and minigames and that. Inform me even useful pursuit I must beat I don’t have that much pursuit points I just have 151 lmao tell me everything minigames kill supervisors etc.. I know I have whined a lot, so this subject is to stop that. I Would like to get the cash for an AGS. I have been in corporeal monster coinshare for 5 months and still, I haven’t gotten a sigil split. 3 days ago, my clan, although I had been making tea, obtained 2 back-to-back Divine Sigil splits, 8 man group. A few months ago, I moved to lootshare trigger there were no coinshares I could join.

I overlooked spectral and celestial sigils in 3 kills, (spec-kill-divine) in a 50 man group. Then I dropped that LSP because I had long series of exams. I am also very fed up since everybody just flames me using SOL despite its stat benefits with a rune defender, are better than those of the ZS. Please vote in the survey. If you select”other” please make certain to mention what in a specific article.

HeyI have sone questions about the fishing ability. Right now I’ve 65 in fishing and that I ”m fishing lobster. Do you understand at what skill level we begin gaining more income by catching swordies than lobster? I am not a member so Ima probably stay wiht the lobster but I wan na na know if we can earn more money by swordies than lobster. Many people say that I need to get my mining to 85+ for runite ore because it gives over 500k/h:rolleyes: and some tell me to sitck with fishing because I already have 65 inside, however aready I dont ever profit much money by lobbies.

Can it worth more spending some time on mining(Because of the summer and I’ll have alot of time) or continue with fishing ability? For me already I dont make more than 40k-80k an hour by lobbies and for me thats not enough and too long for the time I spend on itif I had access to the fishing guilde I’d probably remain wiht that, however iam f2p, so buy old school rs gold I think ima go with mining.

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