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Here is a rundown of each Lost Ark server


  • Here is a rundown of each Lost Ark server
Price : $20.00
Date : June 23, 2022
Location : USA

Like with most of the advanced classes like the other advanced classes Lost Ark Gold, the Arcanist has her own unique identity mechanic where each attack is a filler for her identity gauge. It is also known as the deck gauge.

When she is filled, she will draw a card from her deck . This card could be used immediately to create additional effects or be kept to be used later. There can be a maximum of 2 cards that can be kept at any one time. By pressing the Z or the X key to release either the left or right card will make use of the cards as buffs and effects.

As mentioned above The Lost Ark Arcanist uses cards to create a range of devastating impacts on their opponents. Some of these cards can bring benefits to the team and hinder their adversaries, but the most powerful effects are usually discovered through luck.

One of the most rare currency in Lost Ark is Amethyst Shards and they’re only available for completion of certain goals and will only be given out to Smilegate and Amazon for special events in the future Lost Ark Gold buy. Here, we’ll briefly discuss the Amethyst Shards including their location and the benefits you will get by using them in Lost Ark. Without further delay we’ll get to it.

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