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Tk 234,234

China Candy Tin Sets Collectors

Taking “Sincerity, Quality, Efficiency, Innovation, Service” as our management philosophy, we are achieving our set-up goals steadily year by year since our establishment in the […]



Tk 150

6 Vorteile von Nanny Cam, die vorher vielleicht noch nicht bekannt waren

Mit einer Nanny-Wlan Kamera fühlst du dich besser Einige Wächter, die zur Arbeit gehen, sind frustriert oder bereuen vergangene Routinen und Erfolge. Innovation ermöglicht es […]



Tk 200

Box Dryer – GuanFeng Machine Limited

GuanFeng provide complete drying solutions for all kinds of products. The working principle of GTJ series drying machine is as follows: the normal temperature air […]


Flood Light

Tk 5,200,000

How Large Is The Flood Light’S Illumination Range?

In today’s market, mining lamps and floodlights are not the same kind of lamps. Let’s take a look at the differences with the Flood Light […]


Vibratory Polishing Machine 2

Tk 2,500,000

Systematic Error Performance Of Vibratory Polishing Machine

The factors that cause systematic errors in the measurement process are complex and the mechanisms are varied, so it is often difficult to find all […]


100w Led Flood light

Tk 500,000

100w Led Flood Light Manufacturer Introduces How To Use Led Work Lights

Many people are still very worried about the leakage problem of LED machine work lights. How to effectively avoid leakage and electric shock? The following […]


Vibratory Polishing Machine 2

Tk 5,000,000

Vibratory Polishing Machine Manufacturer Introduces The Characteristics Of ...

In life, we often see that many objects are very rough on the surface, so it looks very ugly, it is not easy to see, […]



Tk 12,000

aquapias ro system

আপনার পরিবারকে সুরক্ষিত রাখুন পানিবাহিত রোগ থেকে। ফুটানো পানিতে আর ভরসা নয়, ১০০% বিশুদ্ধ পানির জন্য ঘরে আনুন AQUA PIAS RO SYSTEM.Call me 01915205065 www.filterbazarbd.com


Led Ufo Lights

Tk 2,000,000

Led Ufo Lights Manufacturers Share Why Led Fixtures Have Different Illumina...

Today, Led Ufo Lights manufacturers share LED light source selection elements 1. The colloid of ordinary colloidal LED is generally epoxy resin. LEDs with anti-ultraviolet […]


Flood Light

Tk 2,200,000

Flood Light Manufacturers Share How Led Fixtures WorkLed luminaires have th...

Led luminaires have the advantage of environmental protection, then you know that it needs to be properly maintained, so today’s Flood Light manufacturers will share […]


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