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Tk 2,500,000

Led High Bay Manufacturers Share Led Smart Street Lights To Improve Managem...

Ordinary street lights generally meet the needs of urban road lighting. However, with the rise of smart cities, ordinary street lights are far from meeting […]



Tk 2,000,000

Vibratory Polishing Machine Suppliers Share Knowledge Of External Polishing...

Different polishing machines will also bring different effects to the product, such as the outer circular polishing machine. Its working principle is that the polishing […]


Led 路灯-矿工灯系列1

Tk 500,000

100w Led Flood Light Manufacturers Share The Characteristics Of Led Lamps

The word energy-saving has been deeply rooted in people’s minds. As a consumable lamp, energy-saving is also doing its best to save energy. Generally, LED […]



Tk 5,200,000

Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine Is Used By Those Industries

Anyone who knows the workflow of the Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine understands that its operation is based on the principle of a Ferris wheel, meaning […]



Tk 5,500

Oppo A2K full freshphone

Oppo brand, only 15day used.. Kono prokar pblm ba kono dag nai phone a, Jotokhkhon icca dekhe niben.. No pblm, sodu 15 din babohar korchi… […]



Tk 2,000,000

Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine Supplier Introduction Centrifugal Conc...

Today, Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine suppliers share what is centrifugal force? Centrifugal forces are present, but they do not exist in Newtonian mechanics. Centrifugal forces […]


Led 路灯-SATURN系列1

Tk 5,200,000

How Do 400w Led Flood Light Manufacturers Share Waterproof Led Floodlights?...

As an outdoor luminaire, waterproofing is an important measure, so it is generally used for outdoor luminaires. Its waterproof function must meet certain standards. Today, […]



Tk 500,000

Vibratory Polishing Machine Manufacturers Share How To Improve The Producti...

The polishing machine consists of basic components such as base, polishing head, work table, protective cover/cover, hydraulic system, electronic control system and auxiliary fixture. It […]


- 快速系列1

Tk 5,000,000

100w Led Flood Light Manufacturer Shares Installation Details Of Led Floodl...

Many shop owners think their signatures are not eye-catching enough, especially if they don’t see the text on the door at night, they want to […]



Tk 109

Homelody nimmt Sie mit auf eine komfortable Thermostatdusche

Baden hat sowohl in der Antike als auch in der Neuzeit unterschiedliche Bedeutungen. In der Antike war die Beherrschung der natürlichen Ressourcen der Menschen begrenzt, […]


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