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Why Put A Water Purifier In The Hole Next To The Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink?

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When we all use the kitchen, we must have found a small hole next to the Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink , but most people don’t understand what this small hole is for. It can be said that many people don’t care about this, naturally I didn’t think about its usefulness. In fact, this small hole is installed in this. It is reasonable. First of all, when we use the sink, it must be washing dishes or bowls. When we wash the dishes, we need to use detergent, but if Putting the detergent in other places is quite inconvenient to use, so most families like to put the detergent next to the sink.

The size of this small hole is designed to be a little similar to the detergent, so we can put the detergent here. The small detergent that used in our family before can be placed on this hole, but now there are many types of detergents, and slowly can’t put the detergent, and even if it can be placed Here, it is particularly inconvenient to use, the detergent has not stood firmly, so this hole is not just a detergent.

The biggest role of this hole is to place the water purifier, because many people now pay more attention to the quality of water, so they will install a water filter at home. If there is a hole at this time, the water purifier can be used. Is it very convenient to put it here? And the size of this hole is very suitable. But this is because many people don’t know that this hole has this use, so the water purifier will be placed under the sink, and the bottom of the sink is the most humid place. After a while, the water purifier will rust, so When you put the water purifier, you must put it in this hole, you can increase the service life of the water purifier, and you can also use this hole.

There are also some families who may not have a water purifier in the kitchen, but will place a cold water pipe here. It is also very suitable to put a cold water pipe in this small hole. It is also very convenient to use, just to be separated from the hot water.

In fact, the role of this hole is still quite a lot. Everyone must pay more attention to these details in life. Some things are not designed in such a way. Everything must be designed with its reasons. It depends on us. Go and find out what it is for.

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