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Wheel Polishing Machine Manufacturers Share Knowledge Of Automotive Grinding And Polishing

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Today, the Wheel Polishing Machine manufacturer shares the steps of car polishing.

After the surface of the automobile is sprayed, there may be small defects on the surface of the paint film such as coarse grain, sandpaper mark, flow mark, reverse white, orange peel, etc. In order to compensate for these defects, the car is usually polished after polishing, sealing and polishing. It is inseparable. If it is not polished, it will be white seal. Polishing can be done separately, but the sealing glaze does not work because the sealing glaze must be sealed on a very flat mirror surface. The steps of grinding and polishing are as follows:

1. Clean the whole vehicle. Clean the vehicle with a decontaminating paint cleaning agent. When using the cleaning agent, avoid new scratches in the grinding of the particles.

2. water sandpaper polishing. For the coating surface, there are defects such as coarse grain, fine sandpaper mark and flow mark. Before polishing, use 600#~1000# water sandpaper to wrap the water in the small rubber pad, and gently polish it to smooth.

3. coarse, fine grinding. The machine grinder is added with a coarse grinding paste to coarsely grind the traces of the water sandpaper; and the polishing paste is polished to perform fine polishing.

4. Polishing. The mechanical polishing machine is used, and the mirror treatment agent is thrown to remove the rotary printing left by the coarse grinding paste to achieve the mirror polishing effect of the paint film.

5. manual glazing. After the polishing and polishing, wipe the polishing paste, immediately wipe the polished parts with cotton varnish with varnish, and then wipe off the excess glazing wax with dry cotton yarn to make the lacquer surface bright and bright.

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