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What Is The Key To The Operation Of Centrifugal Disc Polishing Machine?

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In today’s society, the use of polishing machines has become more and more common, but there are not many people who really understand the construction and operation precautions of the polishing machine. Let us take a look at the Centrifugal Disc Polishing Machine today. Some relevant knowledge.

The polishing machine consists of basic components such as base, throwing disc, polishing fabric, polishing cover and cover. The motor is fixed on the base, and the taper sleeve for fixing the polishing disc is connected to the motor shaft through a screw. The polishing fabric is fastened to the polishing disc by the ferrule, and the motor is turned on by the switch on the base. After the power is turned on, the sample can be pressed by hand to polish the rotating polishing disc. The polishing liquid added during the polishing process can be poured into a square plate placed beside the polishing machine through a drain pipe in a plastic tray fixed to the base. The polishing cover and cover prevent dirt and other debris from falling on the polishing fabric when the machine is not in use, which affects the use effect.

The key to the operation of the polisher is to try to get the maximum polishing rate in order to remove the damage layer from the polishing as quickly as possible. At the same time, the polishing damage layer will not affect the final observed tissue, ie, it will not cause false tissue. The former requires the use of coarser abrasives to ensure a larger polishing rate to remove the polished damage layer, but the polished damage layer is also deeper; the latter requires the use of the finest material to make the polished damage layer shallower, but polished The rate is low. The best way to resolve this contradiction is to divide the polishing into two phases. The purpose of rough polishing is to remove the polished damage layer. This stage should have the maximum polishing rate. The surface damage caused by rough polishing is a secondary consideration, but it should be as small as possible. The cutting is fine polishing, the purpose is to remove the coarse Surface damage caused by polishing minimizes polishing damage.

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