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Vibratory Polishing Machine Suppliers Share Knowledge Of External Polishing Machines

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Different polishing machines will also bring different effects to the product, such as the outer circular polishing machine. Its working principle is that the polishing wheel rotates with the motor through the polishing shaft pulley, and the guide wheel passes through the reducer and the coupling. The motors are coupled and fixed to the universally rotating radial feed slide base. To carry out the polishing work, then what are the unique characteristics of it, the following Vibratory Polishing Machine Suppliers to share it.

1. Automatic feeding, with external circular polishing When the polishing wheel rotates at the speed n1, the workpiece has the same linear speed rotation as the polishing wheel. Due to the constraint of the friction of the guide wheel on the workpiece, the workpiece is Close to the guide wheel linear speed rotation, resulting in a large speed difference between the polishing wheel and the workpiece, thereby producing a grinding action. The axial travel speed of the workpiece can also be adjusted by changing the angle of the guide wheel and adjusting the frequency converter. During installation, the advancement direction and speed of the workpiece can be changed by adjusting the angle α between the axis of the guide wheel and the horizontal surface.

2. Use high-quality corundum rubber wheels as guide wheels. Generally, the grinding wheel is composed of an abrasive and an adhesive. The abrasive generally has silicon carbide, corundum, diamond, cubic boron nitride and the like. The adhesive includes resin, ceramic, brass, and the like. The advantage of using a hard corundum rubber wheel for guiding is wear resistance, increasing friction and avoiding throwing.

3. It is easy and convenient to install the workpiece. When the workpiece is loaded, it is only necessary to put the shaft brackets at both ends of the shaft into the bearing hole of the slider, no need to adjust the alignment.

information about vibratory polishing machine: https://www.zhongyun-machine.com/product/vibratory-polishing-machine/

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