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Vibratory Polishing Machine Manufacturer Teaches You How To Carry Out Routine Maintenance

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The difference between a vibratory polisher and an old-fashioned simple machine is that it differs greatly in body size and components. This also makes the vibration polisher very different from the previous polisher in terms of maintenance and maintenance. Let’s follow the manufacturer of the Vibratory Polishing Machine to find out how to properly maintain it.

1. Dust removal maintenance
Polishing and producing dust are more serious. If the polishing equipment is not cleaned for a long time, dust deposits will slow down and the dust in the air will be heavier and more harmful. Since the dustproof system is clogged due to long-term cleaning, as long as it is cleaned regularly, the dust removal effect can be maintained.

2. Parts maintenance
The components of the polishing machine are complex, and there are many things to be aware of during routine maintenance. It is mainly used to clean impurities regularly to prevent debris jammers; regularly check the operation of components and whether there are any component damage. Repair and replace damaged parts in a timely manner to ensure that the overall operation of other parts and machines is not affected.

3. Circuit maintenance
Generally large polishing equipment will be equipped with a dedicated control box. Internal complex wiring connections, circuit boards, etc. Non-professionals are more difficult to repair if a failure occurs, so daily protection and maintenance is especially important. The line should be prevented from pulling to prevent damage from external forces, and the control box should not be opened at will to prevent rat bites. If there is a problem, disconnection, failure of operation, etc., do not perform self-maintenance in an uncertain situation, ask a professional to inspect and repair.

4. Axis maintenance
The maintenance of the shaft mainly refers to the maintenance of the joints of various operating parts of the machine. These joints are the most important part of mechanical operation. If there is a problem with a link, the entire machine may be embarrassing. In the bearing, in order to ensure the smooth running of the bearing, regular lubrication can be used. Check the motor regularly and replace the damaged motor in time to prevent accidents.

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