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Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet Hinges Should Pay Attention To The Thickness Of Stainless Steel

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Stainless steel hinges, a kind of decoration accessories that are often found in our lives, but because of its small size, and generally in some corners to play the role of connection, the following describes the Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet hinge purchase method:

Stainless steel hinges should pay attention to the thickness of the steel plate when purchasing. Generally, the thickness is 3mm to 4mm. The thicker the hinge is, the more durable it is. Of course, the thickness is not suitable. It should be selected according to the demand. For some lighter doors, it is recommended to choose a thickness of 3 mm. Of course, if the door is heavy, you can choose a stainless steel hinge with a thickness of 4 mm or more. If not, you can increase the number of hinges. Question, let’s take a look at the buying skills below.

1) First of all, we have to look at the appearance. Remember to take a few comparisons to see if the hinges are roughly the same. The hinges produced by the general hinge factory are black here, where the yellow is very inconsistent and the plating is unstable. If the plating layer is thin, it is easy to rust.

2) Hold the iron cup of the hinge and slowly close the hinge like a closed door. At this time, it is slow, and you feel it smooth. If there is no obstacle, even if several are like this, then the hinge produced by this factory It should be preliminarily qualified.

3) After loading the door, look at the feeling. Press down slightly to see how the weight of the hinge is. If it is easy to sink, and it is still very serious, then this quality will not work. After careful installation, the door panel will be asymmetrical.

4) Test the durability with a professional fatigue tester and test its rust resistance with a salt spray tester. This is not what the average consumer can achieve.

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