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It Is Important For Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers To Share Reasonable Design Cabinets

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Cabinets are one of the best furniture in our kitchen. There are two types of cabinets, one is holistic and the other is a separate cabinet. It has too many benefits. Not only can we put everything in it, but our kitchen can clean up the clean and beautiful decoration, so we When buying cabinets, brand, quality, etc., there are Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers to introduce the most reasonable size of the cabinet.

1. The most basic concept is the “triangular workspace” of the kitchen design, so the sink, the refrigerator, and the cooktop are all placed in the proper position, and the best is a triangle. At the beginning of the design work, the best practice is to use the “cooking program” of your day as the basis for the design.

2. The layout in the kitchen is arranged along the storage and preparation, cleaning and cooking of the food. A triangle should be formed along the three main types of equipment, the stove, the refrigerator, and the sink. In the terminology of architectural design, this is called the design triangle, because these three functions often have to cooperate with each other, so it is necessary to set the most suitable distance to save time and effort.

3. the height of the cabinet to see the size, the height of the table is set according to the height of the human body. The height of the cabinet is suitable for the height of the kitchen. The height of the countertop is 80-85 cm; the distance between the countertop and the bottom of the cabinet is about 50-60 cm, and the height of the countertop with the double-eye stove is preferably no more than 60 cm.

4. Kitchen countertops should most likely be designed with different heights depending on the work area. And some of the table tops are lower, it would be better. If you like to do the noodles, then the console that often makes the noodles can reduce the height by 10 cm. However, in the design of the cabinet can not excessively pursue high and low changes, especially in the small kitchen, too much change will affect the overall beauty.

5. the size of the wall cabinet asked, the depth of the cabinet is 30 ~ 40 cm, the door handle of the hanging cabinet door should be convenient for the user’s height, and the convenient place to store is best used to place common items. Most of the hanging cabinets in the early kitchens were moved to the ceiling of the kitchen, which often caused inconvenience to the users. The current kitchen design, regardless of the height of the kitchen, is completely customized according to the height of the user and is truly a “people-oriented” modernization.

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