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Introduce Several Ways To Select China Stainless Steel Sink

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China Stainless Steel Sink are the first choice for home decorators who are looking for a sophisticated lifestyle kitchen. As an ordinary consumer, how to identify stainless steel sinks? Of course, the price is the main reference factor, but it is not entirely. There are too many things with high quality and low price. Faced with stainless steel sinks that cost more than a thousand yuan, consumers often have nothing to offer.

Now I will introduce you to several ways to select Chinese stainless steel sinks:
1.measuring the thickness of stainless steel sink
Good stainless steel sinks use thicker plates. Because the sink has been edge treated, it is difficult to see the thickness at once. The easiest way is to press the surface of the sink a little bit. If it is pressed, the material is very thin, of course. You can borrow vernier calipers and spiral micrometers without being so troublesome.

2.the weight of the stainless steel sink
Stainless steel is a kind of iron alloy. The specific gravity of steel is 7.87. Nickel and chromium heavy metals are added inside. These metals have a larger specific gravity than steel, so the weight is relatively heavy (of course, refer to the thickness of the sheet). If it is a fake, inferior stainless steel, the weight of the steel plate such as chrome is light.

3. see the stainless steel sink process
There are welding methods and integral molding methods. We have seen some brand-name sinks, the same size, the price is very different. There are material factors as well as process costs. Of course, it can be said with certainty that the stainless steel sink material of the one-piece molding method is definitely better than the welding method. The first-class water tank is generally produced by one-time stamping method. Of course, there are also low-end products in the famous brand. There are many welding methods, and the hand touches it. Got it.


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