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How To Design Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet According To Dry And Wet Separation

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At present, the styles of Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet on the market are also different, and the color is dazzling, adding to the original cold bathroom. The function of the bathroom cabinet is to store the sundries, so please remember not to reverse the primary and secondary when purchasing. It is most important to choose a bathroom cabinet that suits the size of your bathroom.

1, bathroom cabinet color and match

The color of the bathroom cabinet is more diverse. In recent years, the light-colored bathroom cabinet is still the mainstream. The pure white bathroom cabinets create a neat and clean bathroom that is both beautiful and comfortable, with a touch of comfort and calm. The entire palette is seamless with the whiteness of the ceramic washbasin. Elegant colors make you feel like you are in a quiet world. After a lot of life, you can enjoy the freshness of nature when you enter this space, and you will feel at ease. In addition, the use of a translucent mirror gives you a cool feeling.

2, the style of the bathroom cabinet

The style of the bathroom cabinet can extend the style of the living room bedroom, or it can be a different way. The bathroom cabinets are mainly avant-garde cool, nostalgic classical, natural fresh and modernist. The avant-garde cool bathroom cabinet is based on a simple design style, and the color used is bold, which is favored by many young people. The nostalgic classical bathroom cabinet has a Chinese classical aesthetic, which is best coordinated with the anti-corrosion floor and the decorative bathroom. Natural fresh bathroom cabinets are one of the mainstream of fashion bathroom cabinets. The clean and clean white makes the bathroom have fresh air like the wood after the rain. Modernist classical bathroom cabinets incorporate modern elements into the classic charm. It is not painted in antique wood, but in dark wood, such as walnut; its lines are simple and smooth, not European classical. The complexity of the curve. In terms of accessories, it rejects the classical European style and exaggeration, while emphasizing the most basic storage function of the bathroom cabinet.

3, the combination of bathroom cabinets

According to the installation form, the bathroom furniture mainly has two types: floor type and wall type. The floor-standing type is suitable for modern bathroom with dry and wet separation and large space. The biggest advantage of the wall-mounted design is that it saves space, is easy to care, and removes the sanitary corner. It provides a reasonable space division by setting a plurality of elements such as a shelf and a floor cabinet, thereby effectively increasing the storage function of the bathroom furniture, and also making the functions of washing, makeup, and dressing more distinct.

4, dry and wet separation to accommodate the bathroom cabinet

Wooden bathroom cabinets have relatively stringent requirements for the environment inside the bathroom, namely dry and wet separation. The shower room is required to be separated from other areas, and the shower water does not splash around, leaving the space outside the shower dry. At present, the sanitary wares of European and American countries are generally dry and wet separation type, and domestic high-end apartments and some commercial houses are mostly designed. With such a bathroom, you can keep the various areas dry, you can choose a variety of styles and materials of the bathroom cabinet, do not worry about moisture. Such a bathroom cabinet can accommodate all the toiletries, as well as the clothes that are replaced, or can be placed inside. There is plenty of room and even the make-up area can be placed in the bathroom cabinet. The best way to achieve wet and dry separation in a smaller bathroom is to install a shower door or a separate shower room. It is important to note that when purchasing and installing, it is necessary to check its water resistance and tightness to avoid water spillage during use and soaking in the bathroom cabinet. Of course, it is also necessary to maintain ventilation frequently.

5, check the bathroom cabinet

At the time of purchase, it is necessary to check the opening degree of the cabinet hinge, which is 90 degrees or 180 degrees. If the opening angle is 180 degrees, it is of course more convenient for you to pick and place items! The more precise the hinges, the tighter the cabinet door will be, and the less likely it is that dust will enter. It is also necessary to know whether all metal parts are made of moisture-proof stainless steel or aluminum for bathroom cabinets, so that the resistance to moisture is strong.

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