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How Is The Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Constructed?

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The basin body and the sink basin mainly have hand basins and punch basins. In comparison, the manual basin is laser welded, which can basically guarantee the natural essence of stainless steel, without the pollution and chemical substances generated by electrodes and stamping, and the service life is relatively long. So let’s take a look at the structure of the Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink .

1. Cabinet structure
The most different form of the integrated sink from the traditional sink is its cabinet design, which increases its volume. The stability of the integrated sink is especially important, and the structure of the integrated sink is the key factor determining its stability. The most important structure is an aluminum profile frame with a single-layer stainless steel structure and a double-layer stainless steel integrated structure. In comparison, the former has poor stability, weak pressure resistance, easy to tilt deformation, and is less resistant to corrosion and rust than all stainless steel cabinets.

2. Base plate
The cabinet bottom plate of aluminum profile structure is generally tin foil plus composite wood board, and the whole stainless steel cabinet body is all stainless steel base plate. Although all of them are waterproof, it is obvious that the former is easy to be damaged, resulting in accumulation of dirt and bacteria breeding, which seriously affects the entire integrated water tank. life.

3. Wiring and drain location
The integrated sink is embedded in the whole cabinet. The various wires and drain pipes are hidden from the lower cabinet. The position of the wire socket of the lower cabinet needs to be considered. Therefore, in order to facilitate the decoration, some integrated sinks are provided with multiple orientations. The wires and drains are adapted to different kitchen layouts to avoid unnecessary troubles during the decoration.

4.cabinet layout
Good products come from good structural design and structure realization. There are various products launched on the market, but the most prominent feature of the integrated sink is integrated. At the same time, it is necessary to distinguish whether it is “collection” or “integration”. The real integrated sink It is a reasonable and organic integration of product functions, scientific and reasonable location, easy to operate installation and maintenance, one of the core of integration is the rational use of product space, rather than simple stacking, good integrated sink inside, well-organized, space utilization High and easy to use.

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