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How Do 400w Led Flood Light Manufacturers Share Waterproof Led Floodlights?

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As an outdoor luminaire, waterproofing is an important measure, so it is generally used for outdoor luminaires. Its waterproof function must meet certain standards. Today, 400w Led Flood light manufacturers will share common LEDs. How is the floodlight waterproof?

The waterproof indicator of LED floodlights is to look at the parameter protection level IP. The most common LED floodlight protection grade on the market is IP65, “6” stands for dustproof level, and the “6” level dust can’t enter, the number behind “5” “Representing the waterproof level, IP65 and IP66 will not enter under normal conditions. The IP67 LED flood light can no longer be immersed in water for a long time. The test standard is as follows: Waterproof grade IP65 can prevent water from the nozzle from in all directions from invading the appliance. However, it can not be immersed in water for a long time; the waterproof grade IP66 is interpreted as “the electrical appliance installed on the deck to prevent damage caused by large waves”; the waterproof grade IP67 is analyzed as “the electric appliance is immersed in water for a certain period of time or the water pressure is constant. Below the standard, it is guaranteed that it will not be damaged by water immersion.”

The IP68’s LED floodlights are the highest waterproof rating and are not afraid of water intrusion. LED floodlights, LED street lights and other lamps, to be waterproof, outside the power supply, a layer of glass, sealed with a rubber seal between the lamp body and glass, sealing the use of rubber and other materials, directly determined Waterproof effect.

information about 400w Led Flood light : https://www.xiangruilight.com/product/flood-light-mars-series/high-power-400w-outdoor-slim-led-floodlight-ip65-mars-series.html

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