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How Centrifugal Disc Polishing Machine Works

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First, the operation process of Centrifugal Disc Polishing Machine :
1. Loading and installation of Centrifugal Disc Polishing Machine: Loosen the fasteners on the cover, remove the cover, and put a certain amount of articles and work into the container. The total amount of the container is not more than 70% of the container. It should be about 2-3 cm higher than the object, then cover the lid, tighten the nut, and then put it into the hopper of the installation container, press the flat load, and tighten the set screw.

2. Fixing of the center disc: In order to facilitate and safely load and unload the drum, there are four claw ports on the center disc barrel wall plate. Each time the drum is loaded or replaced, the brake lever must be used to lock the disc. Need location bayonet.

3, Centrifugal Disc Polishing Machine work: before the movement, pull out the brake lever, at the same time must be a short time operation check, after the stop to determine whether the drum is leaking, whether there is abnormal sound, the pole and the firmness is in place.

Second, the Centrifugal Disc Polishing Machine work notes:

1, the machine
It is generally driven by a large disk to drive four centrifugal polishing barrels at high speed, with high friction and good polishing effect. It is often used for small parts that are difficult to process by vibrating finishing machines and drum-type finishing machines. The eddy current machine is also a high-speed polishing machine. Through the rotation of the chassis, a strong over-current frictional motion is formed, which is used for small parts to approx, deburr and polish.

2, the workpiece
In the same material parts, different specifications of parts, different requirements of the parts, it is also required to match different machines and grinding media. For example, the die-cast zinc alloy parts need to be descaled, and the resin grinding stone should be used; and the stamped stainless steel parts should go to the front and deburring patterns, then the brown fused alumina stone with large cutting force should be used.

information about centrifugal disc polishing machine: https://www.zhongyun-machine.com/product/centrifugal-disc-polishing-machine/

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