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Elevator Supplier Give Safe And Easy Elevator Solution

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In today’s market, everyone is looking for ways to reduce elevator maintenance costs, and all construction managers will tell you that elevator maintenance costs are very high, especially when overtime service is required. Today fuji Elevator Supplier teach you how to avoid expensive maintenance costs?

Handle some simple things to look for when the elevator is down to reduce downtime and expensive maintenance costs. Most elevator stops are related to the door. For obvious reasons, the elevator is designed to not run when the door is open. The door must be completely closed and locked before the elevator moves to another floor. If the door is not locked, the elevator will not run. Some door related issues may be as follows:

1. The elevator continues to open and close the door, but does not leave the floor to answer the call.
2. The elevator will not close at all.
3. The elevator starts to close, but it does not close completely.
4. The elevator door seems to be closed but the elevator will not move.

Here are some safe and easy solutions to these problems.

Check for rubbish or debris at the bottom of the door. The sill guides the bottom of the door to prevent the door from being pushed into the elevator shaft. The rails are mounted in the recesses of the sill. The gaps in these grooves are nominal and the time required to block the door is very small, so it does not close properly. I found everything from pocket replacement, bottle caps, paper, and even a very small screw to the wedge entry. If the elevator door is not fully closed, the elevator will not operate.

Check the door to reopen the unit. All elevators have means to detect if the object is in the door to prevent the door from closing the passenger. Some of them are mechanical, some are electronic infrared beams, and some are a combination of the two. The mechanical door detector may be stuck in the retracted position, causing the elevator to believe that someone or something is blocking the door. The infrared detector lens will become dirty and the receiving unit is not allowed to see the infrared beam. Make sure the detector lens is clean and free of dirt. Depending on the code restrictions in your area, both conditions can cause the door to close or alert and close at a reduced rate.

Check the stuck button. Many times the elevator door is not a problem at all. If the button in the car or lobby is stuck, the elevator will remain on that floor when the door is open. For example, if the door open button is stuck, the elevator will keep the door open. If the second button is stuck, the elevator will enter the second floor and remain there when the door is open. Many times you can let the button fall off with just a few clicks. This is just a temporary fix. If this happens, it is usually necessary to replace the button and the technician should be called.

Most of the conditions listed above are billable calls not covered by the elevator maintenance contract. Doing these simple things will help the building manager reduce billable repairs and elevator downtime. Remember not to try to enter the top of the elevator or manually open the elevator door. This requires proper training. The elevator is electrical and mechanical. Care should be taken when handling such equipment.

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