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Elevator Manufacturer Share The Considerations For 5 Rides

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Elevators play a huge role in our daily travels. With the continuous construction of super high-rise buildings, elevators are an indispensable tool for us to walk between city floors. So today, go with the Fuji Elevator Manufacturer to see the knowledge about the elevator.

First, what issues should I pay attention to when taking the elevator?

1. Pay attention to the “Safety Inspection Qualified” mark posted in the elevator to see if the elevator is within the validity period of the inspection. If there is a safety hazard in the elevator that has not undergone a security inspection, it should not be used.

2. It is forbidden to take a ladder when a fire or elevator repair or maintenance occurs

3. It is strictly forbidden to overload the elevator. When the overload bell rings, the person who enters the elevator will quit.

4. Enter the elevator door, pay attention to pet leash and stroller

5. Do not smoke or make trouble in the car.

Second, comb the basic common sense of the trapped elevator.

Keep Calm

If you encounter power outages, faults, etc., when you are trapped inside the elevator, you should first keep calm. The elevator is not completely enclosed, and it is not easy to cause suffocation. If the elevator is crowded, you should calm your mood and adjust your breathing as soon as possible.

2. Call for help

Press the alarm bell in the elevator to call for help, use the phone in the elevator or the intercom to call for help; call the elevator emergency rescue phone or the community property to call for help; if the alarm is invalid, you can pay attention to whether there are people outside the elevator and call for help.

3. Waiting for rescue

While waiting for the rescue, keep a distance from the elevator door.
Do not take excessive behavior, such as chaos, because the beating will cause the elevator to vibrate, which may cause the elevator to run out of control.

Do not forcibly open the elevator door, because on the one hand, the door may cause the elevator to fall again, causing more serious elevator failure. On the other hand, before the door is opened, the situation outside the door is completely unknown, which may cause accidental fall into the elevator after opening the door. Well, road.

4. Self-protection when the elevator is falling

Take the elevator, if you encounter a crash, you should quickly press the button on each floor quickly. If the brake system of the elevator can return to normal, the elevator can stop on a certain floor.

Do not walk back and forth, stand firm, protect your neck with your hands, the entire back and head close to the inner wall of the elevator to protect the spine, while bending the legs and lifting the heel to reduce the cushioning force. If there are handrails in the elevator, you can also grab the handrail to fix the body with one hand, and the rest of the action is the same as above.

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