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Elevator Factory Will Carry Out Strict Inspection Of The Factory Effect

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The operation safety of the elevator is very important. How to ensure that the elevator control program never fails. This is to start from the point of view of the program control, to ensure that the program is completely correct before the elevator control system can be connected. The PLC control system should be carried out before the elevator is safe. The debugging is carried out, and it is not connected to external equipment such as motors, and the debugging of the PLC control system is performed separately. After all the simulation debugging is completed, the electromechanical equipment such as the motor can be connected for on-site debugging. After the on-site commissioning is completed, the operational data is determined before it can be finally delivered to the actual application. Today fuji Elevator Factory will share how to ensure that the elevator control program does not go wrong.

After the elevator simulation is completed, it can be installed and debugged. Installation and debugging is an important part of the whole debugging. The success of debugging has a great impact on the later use. Installation and commissioning is a very time-consuming and laborious process. Therefore, the commissioning personnel need to be patient and patient. Before installation and commissioning, it should first be determined that the various components of the elevator and the model of the electromechanical equipment meet the requirements. In addition to the functional requirements that must be met, the appearance of the elevator should also be observed and whether it meets the aesthetic standards. Once the determination is complete, assemble and begin debugging. Due to the many switches, steps and buttons involved in the installation and commissioning of the elevator, various problems may occur during the commissioning process. Therefore, detailed descriptions are not given here, and only some typical types of debugging are explained.

This debugging method is relatively simple, which is to check the implementation of the simplest operation of the writing program. If the elevator is commissioned by a single command, complex commissioning can be performed. For example, we use the floor selection as an example to illustrate the single instruction debugging process. For example, the elevator car is now parked on the second floor. After the passenger enters the elevator, he rises to the fifth floor, and presses the button on the 5th floor. After the passenger presses, the internal command X020 after the 5-layer button sends a signal, and the button Y027 lights up. The motor starts to work and the car rises. When it reaches the 5th floor, the control system issues a command and Y027 goes out, that is, the 5-layer button is extinguished. Single-instruction debugging is the simplest part of installation and debugging, and it is also the most intuitive part of observing elevator execution instructions. In the single-instruction mediation, the experimenter issues an instruction, and the elevator can immediately operate according to the instruction, and other conditions are not present, and can be regarded as debugging completion.

Complex debugging is an important content to ensure the safety and reliability of the elevator. In complex debugging, the debugging personnel send signals to the various components of the elevator without logic and irregularity to check the operation of the elevator. If the elevator does not operate according to the given signal, you should find out the cause and change it immediately. Since complicated debugging is not regular, the description is inconvenient and therefore will not be described in detail.

Regardless of the procedure, there may be unexpected problems in the process of its preparation. If these problems are not discovered in time, they may affect the normal operation of the equipment. Therefore, after the program is completed, the program must be debugged and monitored, and problems in the program are found and corrected in time.

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