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Ceramic Grinding Abrasive Manufacturers Share What Is Machine Throw

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Today, Ceramic Grinding Abrasive manufacturers share the application of polishing machines:
Jade polishing: There are generally two ways to polish the jade body by hand; for Guanyin, Maitreya, various flower pieces, etc., the lower machine is polished. The time required for the polishing of the shaker can be completed in about 3-5 days, and a large batch of jade can be polished at a time.

1. Hand throw: use 600#—1200# polishing sandpaper, first use the power tool to install the diamond drill bit to modify the jade piece, and then repair it with diamond assorted. Large-area grinding with round sandpaper (from coarse sand). Use a round cloth wheel to apply a polishing paste for large-area polishing. Polish the paste with a felting head for fine polishing. It can also be directly polished with a rubber grinding head. Finally, it can be hand-made with 1200 sandpaper, and then finely thrown with diamond powder.

2. Machine throw: buy a polishing machine, a small jewelry jade barrel polishing machine. Buy some Emery 320#-8000#, there is a rough throw to the fine throw. Then buy the triangular bead polishing particles, cold light powder, grinding and polishing powder in the polishing machine for a period of time to achieve the mirror effect.

3. Jade polishing: The surface is coated with a layer of paste polishing powder, and the green color is chrome oxide orange red for cerium oxide. Grinding the surface with a two-mesh grinding wheel. Repeat the first two steps, generally repeat the brush after the second time, apply the diamond powder to the surface of the jade and then use a hard brush to throw it. Fine work, began to throw away small tools to throw small places. Use bamboo, dipped in diamond powder, use bamboo chopsticks bigger, and use bamboo toothpicks in small places. Apply the diamond powder to the jadeite and use the hard skin to concentrate. Then use an ultrasonic machine to clean, wash the area and then rub it with alcohol. Then on the wax, the surface of the jade product is protected, washed with boiling water and then dried. A beautiful emerald made.

4. Jade carving and polishing process—Jadeite has high hardness, but as long as there is diamond or synthetic diamond tool plus speed, it can be carved as desired. There are three processes for polishing and polishing to radiance: a. Rough grinding – using (1000-2000 mesh) emery, the tools are made into various shapes and carefully polished. b. Fine grinding – using (1600-1800 mesh) corundum with the above method to polish smooth and shiny. c. On the bright – use the semi-green leather making tools polishing powder (3.5 micron diamond powder) repeatedly rubbing, so that the jade products inside and outside the shiny bright. d. Wax – Wax is used for waterproofing and anti-dirt contamination.

information about ceramic grinding abrasive : https://www.zhongyun-machine.com/product/abrasive/

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