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200w Led Flood Light Manufacturer Shares How To Avoid Floodlight Leakage

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The importance of lamps for new home decoration is well known. It not only plays a role in lighting, but also can beautify the role of homes. Spotlights are widely used in home installations and are typically installed in ceilings. Then the following 200w Led Flood light manufacturers will share how to buy quality floodlights.

There are many brands of floodlights on the market today, which vary in brightness and number of beads. In general, the more the lamp beads, the greater the brightness, the more expensive the price. In order to ensure the stability of the floodlights in the subsequent use, it is recommended that you choose a regular brand manufacturer to buy LED floodlights.

When purchasing such lighting, you should pay attention to its antistatic ability. Generally speaking, the stronger its antistatic ability, the longer its service life and the higher the price. It is worth noting that LEDs with an antistatic greater than 700V can be used for LED lighting. In addition, when selecting floodlights, you should also pay attention to the LEDs with the same wavelength and the same wavelength, so the colors are the same. These LED floodlights are more expensive in natural price. If the color of the LED floodlights is required to be the same, the price will be Higher.

When selecting a floodlight, you should also pay attention to its leakage current. Leakage refers to the reverse current of the floodlight. Generally speaking, the larger the leakage current, the shorter the service life. If the current is slightly larger, the lamp bead can be burnt out. Therefore, the price of this type of LED floodlight is relatively low. It is recommended not to buy this type of lamp.

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